What Makes Tommillusions The Best Magician For Corporate Events? 

Corporate events are known to be rather formal, and keeping all the guests entertained and engaged can turn out to be quite challenging in this situation. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure: you can never go wrong with a skilled, talented and highly trained corporate magician, who will instantly bring a smile on everybody’s faces. 

Why Choose Tommillusions as your Corporate Magician in Singapore?

Professional and with an impeccable track record, Tommillusions is one of the most appreciated Corporate magicians in Singapore – and for a good reason, given the fact that he will be performing at least a dozen different effects, during a 60-minute engagement. Throughout the length of the show, Tommillusions will provide memorable close-ups, walk arounds as well as table magic that will leave the guests stunned and wanting to see more! In addition to this, our team will also take three Polaroid photographs and provide the CEO, the business owner or the special guest party with a truly special token of appreciation.

Everybody loves a good laugh, and Tommillusions is certainly very good at that. 



Entertaining, Comedic, Professional & One of the most Electrifying Magician in Singapore.

Tommillusions, Magician Extraordinaire! In practiced of the mystical art of Magic for more than half a decade and have performed for various events.

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